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We are purpose driven.

How it all started

We are a military veteran/first responder team and, of course, we love outdoor adventures.

Our mission came from hardened lessons in the Marine Corps and emergency response. We wanted to help men and women perform at their best, whether on the frontline, the fire line, or the fall line.

The inspiration for RecPak came while with a sniper unit. Operating in unforgiving terrain for days on end, small things had a big impact. Maintaining peak performance was hard on energy bars and rations. Space, weight, and time was essential to mission success.

To find a better solution, we spent two years working with experts, experimenting with different ingredients and packaging, and tested it all on the trail.

As brothers, we’ve always had the belief that the best way to “leave the world better than you found it” is to bring something to it. Thats why we're committed to donating to Ukraine one pouch of RecPak for every pouch sold online, and supporting conservation causes as a member of 1% for the Planet.

Thanks for joining us on this journey and for your support.

~Deed & Colin

We know tough environments well, so we joined forces to bring RecPak to any mission, any journey, anywhere.

a meal in your pocket

RecPak isn’t your post-gym shake, its the right nutrition.

RecPak's nutritional profile wasn't created for the "average adult". We started with the nutrition requirements and habits of elite mountaineers and military special operations.

We worked with experts in high performance nutrition, folks whose job it is to keep professional athletes and elite military personnel in peak condition. Every gram of every ingredient has been designed to provide balanced nutrition and keep you fueled.

We re-thought the basics of how our product would be stored and used. There's a revolution in flexible packaging - packaging that's lighter, greener, and more durable. Our custom package design cuts down on volume, maximizing pack space for essential gear.
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You just add water, shake and drink on the move.


We’re on a mission to help ukraine

For every RecPak sold we’ll be donating one to Ukraine. Join us on this mission.
RecPak was created to have a strong purpose. As the war for liberation grinds on in Ukraine, we're on a mission to help the Ukrainian people and its armed forces. For every RecPak sold on our website, we donate one pack to the war effort. We've partnered with Atlas Global Aid and Allied Extract to make this possible. Thanks for your support.
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Why is RecPak a meal shake and not a meal bar?
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When we created RecPak, we were very deliberate that we wanted a liquid and not a solid food. Many elite athletes and weekend warriors alike have found that when you need calories, it’s easier to drink them than eat them. The body absorbs nutrients faster from liquids than solids, and it's easier on the gut when you’re on the move.

What do you mean by "Complete Meal” or “Complete Nutrition”?
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RecPak contains an macronutritional ratio of roughly 50% carbs, 25% proteins, and 25% fats, and a micronutritional content that approximates 25% of a user’s daily value. Our ingredients provide a diverse source of fast and slow absorbing carbs to provide help fuel performance and maintain glycogen levels, high quality proteins to mitigate muscle breakdown, and a good balance of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) from sunflower oil, polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) from flax, and saturated fats, specifically medium - chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut oil.

We consider RecPak to be "complete" because it contains all 39 essential nutrients. While we don’t recommend using it exclusively over an extended period, RecPak is designed to provide you the energy and nutrition that you need while in environments where both are hard to come by.

If I need water to use RecPak, isn’t that a disadvantage?
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If you don’t have water, that’s a bigger problem than not being able to make a shake, so your priority is to get water in your system first. It’s commonly accepted that you can survive 2 - 4 weeks without food, but only several days without water. In a scarcity or survival situation, you should be rationing water anyway.

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